An innovative way to teach 21st century skills all year round

To thrive in the rest of the 21st century, all students need STEM. To thrive in the rest of the 21st century, all teachers need STEM. It’s been hard to do both! With Virtual STEM Camps you can now give 100% of your students and teachers exposure to STEM. It’s fast, effective, affordable, scalable, and sustainable.

For students:

STEM talent development

Studies show that early access to STEM learning better prepares students for the road ahead, a world where 21st century skills will be vital to success. But with time and budget constraints, most teachers and organizations aren’t equipped to handle the extra workload of adding crucial STEM learning to their curriculum.

Our 21stCentEd Virtual STEM Camps provide the solution. Campers will come away with an understanding of fundamental STEM and design thinking concepts and ways to implement design thinking in their own life, and won’t have to wait until summer to experience all the fun.

For teachers:

STEM Teacher Training

Virtual STEM camps as a professional development experience enables non-STEM educators to integrate STEM, specifically, design thinking principles in their instruction for reimagining teaching and learning for the rest of the 21st century. 

In this project-based camp, teachers will gain experience using fundamental design thinking principles to create solutions. This learning can be applied to their journey from being the “sage on the stage” to the “guide on the side,” which is the evolution of the teaching profession. Let’s get them ready!

Develop key 21st century skills​

These core 21st century skills will be vital for most STEM-based careers. Participants will learn the importance of empathy and diversity in the design process as well as human-centered prototyping methods. They will come to understand the key differences between designing FOR and designing WITH, creating universally transferrable skills for product creation.

Tons of great benefits

Summer camp is an iconic American tradition. They offer students and teachers the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique interests that they are often not able to pursue in their everyday learning. It encourages growth and self-discovery in a way that’s all new to many learners.

Virtual STEM Camp applies this same logic to an all-year round approach to the focused, interactive learning that makes camp such a treasured activity.

Participants will be having so much fun engaging with the various STEM projects that they’ll hardly notice they’re learning.

Virtual STEM camps are a great starting point

Served up in two-day Mini Camps or one-day Micro Camps, Virtual STEM Camps are a great introduction into the world of STEM.

But the learning can’t end there.

Be sure to check out our virtual 21stCentEd STEM & CTE Academy with 46 (and counting) courses, spanning over 900 hours of engaging content and growth, building off of foundations learned in our Virtual STEM  Camps.

How Virtual STEM Camps started

We got the idea for Virtual STEM Camps from one of the organizations we have worked with before, Junior Achievement of Utah. They came to us to see what we could design that would allow them to deliver a STEM introduction to more students.

Our first Virtual STEM Camp went so well that we decided to expand it into a larger offering so more schools and organizations can benefit. We are excited to share this way of learning with you.

"THANK YOU for the amazing digital STEM camp. It was JUST what our son needed... He loved the engagement and the instruction and the activities. We (and he) really saw his [creativity] come to light today. Thank you so much for the wonderful event. We would love to participate more in the future!"
"My 9 year old loved it and was thoroughly engaged. She loved the activities and has carried her backpack with her all day."
"My son was challenged, had to come up with creative ideas to execute, and to evaluate his thinking and reasoning."
"Working together with other campers was fun."
"My daughter was engaged and enjoyed the projects."
"My son loved the small group break out activities."

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Every Child Needs a STEM Education

In these uncertain times, we want our kids to get ahead, not just get by. Engaging in STEM experiences today develops key 21st century skills that prepare them for tomorrow. Our innovative virtual learning courses fill important gaps in your child’s STEM education and helps set them up for future success. We must raise STEM-prepared kids. This is why we exist!

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