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Virtual STEM Camp Themes

Intro to STEM

Camp Description:

This camp is designed to be a foundational STEM experience for building 21st century skills around design thinking and what it means to engineer solutions to complex real-world problems.

Experience design thinking intertwined in the engineering design process as you engage in prototyping, collaboration, reflecting, asking questions, being creative, and most importantly, developing empathy in designing two different products.

Internet of Things

Camp Description:

This camp emphasizes real-world STEM knowledge and skills through project-based activities using IoT (Internet of Things) sensors, coding, data science, cloud computing, online dash-boarding, and cloud computing in the development of their own responsive, live-data, mobile climate app.

Participants will learn technical skills and do STEM activities that prepare them for STEM fields such as meteorology, data science, computer science, and more. 

intro to entrepreneurship

Camp Description:

Have a million dollar product or business idea? Our entrepreneurship camp is the perfect place for anyone to start learning how to start their own business. This camp experience will help beginning entrepreneur participants create business plans and learn how to start making money. 

Experience the joy of learning and applying design thinking processes, creative problem-solving, and the basics of building a business in real world scenarios. This is an opportunity to dig deeper into making your ideas reality. You got this!

design thinking through coding

Camp Description:

Learn and use the principles of Design Thinking to creatively design a simple computer game for someone else. The experience teaches basic coding principles applied using a design thinking framework: empathy, define, ideate, prototype, and test.

Understand and practice how to use design thinking to solve real world problems. Participants will walk away with a not only their own designed computer game, but also, experience applying 21st century skills of empathy, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

3d modeling & design

Camp Description:

In this 3D animation camp, you will learn the basics of 3D modeling, and how to animate characters and objects using Blender. Blender is a free, downloadable, industry-level 3D modeling software used in several courses in our K-8 Academy. 

Participants will practice key 21st century skills by applying the Design Thinking process in their own 3D creations.  The experience focuses on problem-solving, communication, creativity, empathy and understanding the needs and wants of others.

STEM in Sports: STEM-letics

Camp Description:

In this unique virtually designed experience, you will explore engineering and entrepreneurship fields through the world of sports. Practice 21st century skills in real life scenarios as you apply an entrepreneurial mindset in creating, marketing, and selling creative products in your own business. 

Designed to make learning enjoyable, you will create opportunities to develop 21st century skills, apply design thinking strategies, and keep participants engaged and active. Have fun contributing a winning attitude and positive perspective to the world of STEMletics.

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